Questions to ask before hiring a maid

Getting a good maid for yourself, is a difficult job as you are giving all the responsibilities of your home or office to her. Almost all the time, people hiring a maid fear of whether they are selecting a right maid or not. If you too have a lot of confusions while hiring a maid, probably you are on the correct track.

There are a few questions, you need to ask your maid before hiring her. The first thing comes is to know her well like her name and address. Ask her about her previous work and also try to know why she left the previous work. The expected answer here, is that the owners were not good and all, generally this is a very common answer given by maids. Even, they may be true from their end.!


The next question comes up is to ask about her skills like what is she good at and what not. Does she know cooking and if yes, what kind of food can she cook well. If you are hiring a maid which is from the other locality than yours, do confirm that she is good at cooking the food that you prefer to have on regular basis.


Once, you are clear with the skills of the maid and her basic details, ask her about the previous police records if any. If she has any previous criminal records registered with police, you should know everything about that and see to it that she is not a criminal with cases pending or anything else that will increase your complications. To avoid all such hassle, visit us at Femme de ménage.


If she is clear with the police records, you are almost done and ready to hire her. If you want anything extra to be done by her, like taking care of your kids or taking care of your garden or your office then it is suggested that you clarify all these things before hiring her, so that there are no misunderstandings then after.


Once you are done with all these formalities, you are ready to hire her. One more thing you need to take care is getting a copy of her id card, it could be her driving license or any other thing that is available with her. This will help you stay secure and safe if anything goes wrong in future.


Hope you might be very clear now, on which questions you need to ask a maid, before hiring her.