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What is SEO? Have you knowledge of SEO? Today in this article we are going to provide you complete details about SEO. You will also learn how it works. SEO means search engine optimization and it is used to rank you website on search engine. If you have a blog then you cannot get good results or more visitors until you are doing SEO. It means that SEO is necessary for all websites.


Let us take an example that you want to rank you website for best mobile phone. Then without SEO you cannot rank for such keywords. SEO provide complete details to search engine regarding your website.

There are different steps in SEO. First step is you have to do on page SEO of your blog and blog post then you have to do link building. Both these steps are very important in SEO. These two steps work simultaneously. Without on page these is no use of link building and without link building, on page is also useless.

Then in link building there are lots of ways by which we can build links. Link building means we have to submit URL of our blog in other’s blog or website. This process can be done by different ways like by commenting on other’s website, by PBN links and by social bookmarking also. All these steps or methods are very important and you have to build links from all methods in equal amount. Do not try to unbalance number of links in any method.

After performing all these things, now you need to share your content on social sites because with the help of social sites you can viral your content or blog. For all these things take help from SEO Company Thailand because they provide excellent service to their customers at affordable price.